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Concrete Jungle is an independent and dedicated, sales and marketing company catering to various South African and International markets, which represents products supplied by all of the major music manufacturers, as well as numerous other independent product suppliers in South Africa.†


Concrete Jungle is headed by two partners, namely, Vernon Steyn and Lindsay Steyn, and has an additional staff compliment dedicated to fulfilling the various sales and administrative functions. Offices are situated in the north-western suburbs of Johannesburg.†


Vernon Steyn is co-owner of Concrete Jungle Music and handles the sales and marketing portfolios.†

Lindsay Steyn is co-owner of Concrete Jungle Music and runs the support and buying functions, dealing closely with the manufacturers.†


Being an experienced and dynamic team, Vernon and Lindsay, as Concrete Jungle, successfully represent the South African Music Industry as Manufacturers Representatives, which adheres to the ASAMI code of ethics and conduct. Concrete Jungle is also a fully accredited member of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association of South Africa).†

Both partners are well known in the South African music industry. Here is a brief resume of their careers


Vernon Steyn has 12 years of music retailing experience as well as the necessary marketing background gained whilst successfully promoting boxing in SA during the isolation era. He also ran the multi-million rand sales and marketing division of timeshare developers - Getaway Options for 3 years during a sabbatical taken during the mid 1990ís. Today, he co-owns and runs Concrete Jungle Music and its team of marketers. 

Lindsay Steyn has 18 years of music retail experience, having spent the preceding 5 years with the FMCG giant Food Corporation, servicing the major chains and wholesalers locally and in the rural areas. He has also been involved in the automotive industry for the past 10 years, initially as co-owner of Randburg Tyre (sold to Speedy Exhaust & Tyre) and then as owner of The Randburg Workshop which specialised in the race preparation of his own and other racing cars. He also handled a corporate image portfolio relating to motorsport for Shell SA from 1993 to 1995.†


Concrete Jungle operates a dedicated sales team handling: 


1. Various non-traditional niche markets, which are serviced with our extensive range of ethnic product.

2. Existing outlying territories, which are no longer profitable to service in-house, by manufacturers, as a result of the polarisation of business to the local areas as well as the huge cost of maintaining a salesperson in the outlying areas.

3. Established retail outlets which are serviced with our range of accessories and merchandise†

Concrete Jungle
P.O. Box 784820
Gauteng Province
South Africa




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