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Concrete Jungle is able to supply Manufacturers Representation in order to create a situation whereby Prospective Clients can immediately benefit by:

Cutting their operational costs.

Saving their organisation money.

Streamlining their procedures.

Enhancing their level of customer service and satisfaction.

Dealing with one representative company only.

Aligning their operational costs on existing business to become directly proportional to production and sales volumes.

Concrete Jungle:

Is a "hands-on" company that is meticulous and dedicated in all aspects of its 

Operates in various non-traditional niche markets, locally and overseas, which have not yet been exploited.

Is able to service existing territories, which are no longer profitable to service in-house as a result of the polarisation of business to the local areas as well as the huge cost of maintaining a salesperson in the outlying areas.

Already services existing retail outlets in Major Centres and urban areas.

Is currently operational and ready to expand as required. Conclusion of successful negotiations with prospective clients can result in almost immediate servicing of clients' existing customers.

Will formalise an agreement based on a retainer and / or a percentage of monthly turnover and the granting of exclusive rights to operate in a territory, in exchange for services rendered.

Has the infrastructure in place to successfully manage projects of this nature.

To Make More Money, Reduce Your Client List

By Don Peppers.

Differentiating customers by value allows a firm to prioritize it's marketing effort, allocating more resources to high-value customers while minimizing the resources applied to low-value customers. In some businesses, this strategy may even lead the firm to trim the overall size of its client base.

Starting in 1989, Minneapolis consulting and research business, Custom Research Inc.
(http: / / began focusing exclusively on high-volume, repeat customers in the Fortune 500 category in an effort to combat flat profit margins. 

In 1989, CRI increased its larger client population, from 25 to 34, while trimming its overall client list to 67, down from 138 the previous year.

Turning away existing clients is a tricky business, but it can be rewarding. In implementing this strategy, CRI has reaped extremely high retention rates, doubling its revenues, all the time focusing its efforts on improving the quality of service it delivers




















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